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lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

First Week (19-23 may)

Sadly, a first slow week, I lost the monday with problems with my notebook for which I have to reinstall ghc, cabal, all the libraries, etc.. but! in the end this helped :)

The list of taks of the week include:

1. Compile and run darcs with profiling flags
2. Write scripts to generate dirty-tagged big repositories
3. Check memory usage with hp2any for the command optimize --reorder for the
generated repositories and repo-issue2361
4. Check performance difference with and without patch-index
5. Document reorder implementation on wiki
6. Actually debug/optimize reorder of issue2361 (Stretch goal)

1. Compile and run darcs with prolfiling flags

This seems pretty easy at first, but turned somewhat annoying because one have to install all the libraries with the option profiling. So a mini-step-by-step of the my installation of darcs with profiling
flags is (i'm using ubuntu 14.04, ghc-7.6.3 and cabal-install- :

- Install ghc-prof package, in my case with sudo apt-get install ghc-prof
- Install depencencies of darcs with enable-library-profiling, doing:
    - $ cabal install LIB --enable-library-profiling ( for each library :) )
    - or setting in ~/.cabal/config, library-profiling: True
- Finaly install darcs with enable-library-profiling and enable-executable-profiling

2. Write scripts to generate dirty-tagged big repositories

About this no much to say, I did some libraries to make the scripts that generates the repositories more straightforward. And I wrote some examples, but still in search of interesting examples. A long the week probably I will add examples, hopefully interesting.

3, 4 and 5 all together and mixed

Now, when finally start to generate the examples repositories and play with hp2ps to check differents things, I started to think about others things and I ended up studing the implementation of the command optimize --reorder, in particular I start to write a version which print some info during the ordering of patches, but for now is very dirty implementation.

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